Top quality, from prototype to series production

Flexibility, optimal material flow and the highest of quality standards all guarantee efficient production, from prototype to series

From the production of small devices to large-scale facilities, we do our utmost to realise even the most unusual of requests. Use our production power for your success.

Our production capacities are geared towards customer-specific development prototypes, the subsequent series production of those prototypes and the production of our own products.

This calls for a wide range of mechanical and electrical designs, which is made possible by the extraordinary flexibility of our work processes and internal logistics.

With its strong emphasis on craftsmanship, our highly efficient manufacturing process is capable of producing large systems in control cabinet form just as efficiently as very small devices in 19" plug-in units.

Warehouse space of 400 m², combined with an optimised merchandise management system, ensures a smooth material flow.

Like all the other areas of GVA, the production division is staffed by specialists who adopt and implement new techniques and rise to new challenges with great enthusiasm.

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Prototype construction

An important stage in the evolution of a product is when the development results are turned into a real prototype for the first time. At this stage it becomes clear whether or not the requirements and design specifications arising from the development process can be implemented in production without difficulty.

A continuous exchange of information between our production and development staff helps identify critical points at an early stage, thereby minimising potential problems during equipment assembly.

Once the prototype is finished, you will receive documentation checked and verified in accordance with DIN.

Examples of GVA developments

Energy technology, drive technology:
  • Three-phase IGBT inverter, forced-air-cooled 1.2 MVA, 660 Vrms
  • Three-phase 4-quadrant thyristor bridge with 100 mm thyristors, 800 kW, 540 Vdc
  • Motor soft start, three-phase thyristor controller with control electronics up to 1 MVA, 1000 Vrms
  • Pumps for gas pipelines, phase branch for a three-level IGCT inverter, with four 100 mm IGCTs in series connection per switch function, 13,000 Vrms, 600 Arms, 13.5 MVA
  • IGBT driver board with high isolation voltage and partial discharge resistance for controlling 3300 V IGBTs in a three-level IGBT inverter, Viso 7500 Vrms
  • Drive technology, three-phase IGBT inverters, 100% energy recovery, air- and water-cooled, up to 1 MVA, up to 1200 Vrms
  • Three-phase thyristor controller with control electronics, 40 kVrms, 120 Arms
  • Motor drive, three-phase IGCT three-level inverter with 100 mm IGCTs, forced-air-cooled up to 4 MVA, 3300 Vrms
Electric drives in the mining industry:
  • Three-phase IGBT inverters integrated in motor housing, water-cooled, up to 400 kVA, 1000 Vrms
  • Three-phase IGBT inverters for a battery-powered motor, integrated in motor housing, headwind cooling, battery-powered trains, 75 kVA, 120 Vrms
Rail technology:
  • Underground train drives, three-phase IGBT inverter with heat pipe, headwind cooling, 1 MVA, 1200 Vrms
  • Drive for air-conditioning compressor, three-phase IGBT inverter with control electronics up to 35 kVA, 660 Vrms
  • Switch for heating control, IGBT DC switch with control electronics up to 40 Adc, 600 Vdc
  • Underground train drives, IGCT DC converter with two 100 mm IGCTs in series connection, oil-cooled, 4000 Vdc, 170 Adc
Network technology:
  • Three-phase IGBT inverter, air-cooled, natural convection, up to 6x350 kW in parallel connection, 500 Vrms
  • Network switch, three-phase thyristor controller with ten 120 mm thyristors in series connection, forced-air-cooled, optically driven, 12 kVrms, 600 Arms, 12.5 MW
  • Network switch with active short-circuit current disconnection, three-phase IGCT AC power controller with eight 100 mm IGCTs in series connection, water-cooled, 12 kVrms, 1600 Arms, 33.2 MW
Process engineering:
  • Inductive steel strip heating, conversion of a single phase inverter from GAT thyristors to IGBT, 3x400 kVA, 400 Vrms
  • Centrifuge, single-phase IGBT inverter, 100% energy recovery, water-cooled, 3x800 kVA, 660 Vrms
  • Thyristor pulse current switch, 40 kV, 6 kA, tpulse 240 µsec
Nuclear research:
  • Accelerator, conversion of a controlled rectifier from thyratrons to 75 mm thyristors, 400 kW, 400 Vrms
  • Accelerator, uncontrolled three-phase rectifier, 40 kVdc, 75 Adc
  • Accelerator IGBT pulse current switch, 12 kVdc, 600 Apulse
  • Medical technology: Magnetic stimulator for the treatment of patients with Alzheimer's disease, repetitive IGCT pulse current switch with charging stages and control electronics, 6 kApulse, 3000 V
  • General: Three-phase IGBT inverter, forced-air-cooled, can periodically be overloaded by 100%, 550 kVA, 400 Vrms
  • Test area equipment: Thyristor controller with six 100 mm thyristors in parallel connection, 120 kA, 1500 Vrms, to 100 ms, 130 MW
  • Test area equipment for traction test facilities: Single-phase IGBT inverter, three-phase rectifier, water-cooled, 800 kVA, 1000 Vdc

Series production

Our series production is also subject to continuous optimisation. It encompasses devices from 10 kW to 4000 kW. Through optimised warehousing and flexible production planning, we are able to achieve very quick delivery times, every time.

GvA manufactures almost all types of electronic power end stages for a wide range of applications and fields.

Some examples:

  • Uncontrolled rectifiers, kVA to MVA, 10 Vrms to 100,000 Vrms
  • Controlled rectifiers, kVA to MVA, up to 2 kVrms
  • Single- and three-phase actuators, kVA to MVA, up to 40 kVrms
  • IGBT and IGCT inverters, kVA to MVA, up to 3300 Vrms
  • Pulse switch, up to 40,000 V, 6000 A, tp240us

Typical areas of application:

  • Drive technology
  • Rail technology
  • Mining
  • Network technology
  • Energy technology
  • Process engineering
  • Medical technology
  • Research, etc.

Quality assurance

All of our products undergo a 100% output test once they are completed. The scope of testing is individually determined and assigned to every single device in the form of test reports or protocols.

Tests which cannot be carried out in-house are either carried out at the customer's premises or outsourced to appropriate institutes.

Over 90% of our customers who commission us to provide development services also have their devices manufactured by us.

Long-standing, well-qualified partners in metalworking and sheet metal processing, circuit board manufacture, assembly and cable manufacturing contribute to GVA's high level of quality, which ensures the reliability of several tens of thousands of devices in heavy duty day-to-day use.

All of our divisions are DIN ISO 9001-certified and are subject to continuous checks by internal and external auditors.