We don't just find any solution: we find the perfect solution

As an engineering firm, manufacturer and distributor, we know what all the options are, meaning we can find the perfect cost/benefit/performance ratio for you

No matter how big or small the development job: the speed with which we work may seem like magic, but it is really just the result of perfectly coordinated processes combined with unrivalled expertise. Use our engineering power for your success.

Thanks to GVA's special position as an engineering firm, manufacturer and distributor of products for other highly successful companies, we are always up to date with the potential solutions within our segment.

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Your contact persons

Jürgen Kolasinski
GVA Leistungselektronik GmbH
Boehringer Str. 10 - 12
68307 Mannheim
E-Mail: j.kolasinskinospam@gva-power.de 
Telefon: +49 (0) 621 / 78 99 2 - 22
Fax: +49 (0) 621 / 78 99 2 - 99

Laura Stutz
GVA Leistungselektronik GmbH
Boehringer Str. 10 - 12
68307 Mannheim
E-Mail: l.stutznospam@gva-power.de 
Telefon: +49 (0) 621 / 78 99 2 - 23
Fax: +49 (0) 621 / 78 99 2 - 99


Thanks to our unique position in the market, we can guarantee to our customers that the planned components always represent the optimal cost/benefit/performance ratio.

GVA's broad reach has also enabled us to gain experience in such varied applications as:

  • Induction heating
  • Ripple control transmission technology
  • Uninterruptible power supply
  • Starter motors for engines and transformers
  • Electricity and voltage sources
  • Medium and high voltage rectifiers
  • Active harmonic filters
  • Surge current switches (pulse power)
  • Solar technology
  • Inverters in IGBT and IGCT technology 

For over twenty years we have been using this experience to provide our customers with the advice they expect from their house of competence.

Development and construction

Ever since GVA was founded in 1994, we have been offering our customers development and construction services for all areas of power electronics.

Initially, we work closely with you to decide on all the technical and commercial aspects of the requirements specification and the functional specification, based on your requirements. Over the course of the development process, these are translated into the perfect solution.

The subsequent creation of prototypes is dictated exclusively by these specifications. Components for any given application are always selected in a vendor-neutral way because systems for induction heating require different technical solutions from solar inverters. The manufacturers of diodes for high voltage rectifiers are not necessarily specialists in the manufacture of diodes for electroplating systems.

In order to develop efficient solutions for a range of very different fields, we make use of all of the available resources on the market and we are guided solely by technical and economic considerations.

For complex studies and simulations which go beyond in-depth consultation on the use of power semiconductors, GVA offers engineering services.

From the series and parallel connection of power semiconductors to chip temperature calculations for repeated intermittent operation at varying load currents:

GVA uses the most up-to-date simulation and construction software to provide you with a well-founded and reliable result. Fast and cost-effective. Engineering services – areas of competence:

  • Electrical and thermal dimensioning of power semiconductors
  • Construction of mechanics
  • Dimensioning of protective circuits
  • Dimensioning of driver stages for power semiconductors
  • Optimisation of existing development
  • Finding the causes of malfunctions
  • Checking the heat time response of coolers