Development and Design


Since its foundation in 1994, GvA Leistungselektronik GmbH has offered development and design services for all sectors of power electronics. These services are complemented by the product lines we sell. It is our goal to optimize every individual application - both technically and commercially.

GvA Leistungselektronik: Development with EAGLEBased on your ideas and requests, all the technical details and the pricing of the equipment and services are compiled in the target specifications.

The subsequent creation of prototypes focuses exclusively on these specifications and determines the application-specific selection of components independent of the manufacturer.

Induction heating systems require other technical conditions than solar inverters. The diodes for HV rectifiers are manufactured by other suppliers than those for galvanic equipment.

In order to come up with efficient solutions for such different applications, GvA taps all resources available and components are selected exclusively according to technical and economic aspects.

Our motivated and experienced team of engineers, technicians and designers will realize your ideas and requests.

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